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Pertusaria chiodectonoides Bagl. ex A. Massal



Habitat: Aerohaline zone


    Thallus more less fragmented, thin to moderatly thick, cracked-areolate, areoles flat, smooth to slightly rough, dark grey, grey-blue, grey-brown, margin distinct, not zonate. Fertile warts 0.2-1.5 mm diam., abundant and scattered, flat, hosting 1-3 (8) apothecia, disc 0.1-0.6 mm diam., black or dark grey when mature with an Aspicilia cinerea aspect, often irregular or stellate, exciple pale and little prominent. Ascospores simple, thick walls, 25-42 x 11-24 µm. C-, K+ yellow, KC+ yellow, P+ red-orange. On well-lit rocks, either acid or alkaline (basalt and serpentine).*

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