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Lichenomphalia velutina (Quél.) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo et Vilgalys. 


Omphalina velutina (Quél.) Quél.

Omphalina rustica ss. Clémençon p.p.

Omphalia grisella P. Karst.

Lichenomphalia grisella (P. Karst.) Redhead & al.

Phytoconis velutina (Quélet) Redhead & Kuyper

Botrydina velutina (Quélet) Redhead & Kuyper


Habitat: Ubiquitous


Lichenized Basidiomycota (Basidiolichen).

     Thallus formed by globules of hyphae retaining an algae (Coccomyxa), granular in dry weather, a little gelatinous in wet weather, bright green. Omphaloid basidioma with a cap slightly depressed at the beginning then slightly funnel-shaped, 0.5-1.5 cm in diameter, more or less striated, grayish-brown to pale grayish, sometimes a little brownish, cuticle formed of hyphae encrusted by a "zebroide" gray-brown pigment. Decurrent, concolorous but paler gills. Stipe 1-2.5 cm high, concolor at the cap, finely pubescent (at least in its lower part). Basidia predominantly bisporic 17-28 x 4-7 µm. Spores broadly elliptical to pyriform, 7-10 x 4-6 µm. Clamp-connection absent in all hyphae. Rather rare species occurring on acidic and mossy soils.

N.B. Very variable and perhaps collective species, having given an impressive inextricable synonymy ...

Lichenomphalia velutina ForĂȘt de Haguenau 1
Christian FRITZ

Lichenomphalia velutina ForĂȘt de Haguenau 2
Christian FRITZ

Lichenomphalia velutina Rion es Montagnes 1

Lichenomphalia velutina Rion es Montagnes 2

Lichenomphalia velutina Cherbourg 1
Pascal PEUCH

Lichenomphalia velutina Baside bisporique ForĂȘt de Haguenau 3
Christian FRITZ

Lichenomphalia velutina Spores ForĂȘt de Haguenau 4
Christian FRITZ

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