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Vezdaea aestivalis (Ohl.) Tsh.-Woess & Poelt



Habitat: Ubiquitous


   Thallus crustose, of  corticate granules (goniocysts), more or less globose, greyish, greenish, olive-green, brownish. Apothecia leceidine faintly convex, more or less tighly appressed or immersed in thallus, 0.5-1 mm diam., greyish to reddish-brown, surface often ± pale grey tomentose. Ascospores narrowly ellipsoid to almost cylindrical, minutely verrucose, generally 1-septate, but sometimes 3-septate, 15-19 x 5-7 µm. Paraphyses flexuose, tightly entwining individual asci. Photobiont: Leptosira. Chemical spot tests negative. In general, hardly visible, on mosses, plant debris etc., on slightly calcareous soils where it goes unnoticed unless specifically searched. Close to Vezdaea leprosa of which the thallus is darker gree, apothecia typically sessile, ascospores smaller and above all, paraphyses not interlacing individual asci, on disturbed soils and excavated materials. See Bilimbia sabuletorum with a pale grey thallus, less green when moist, apothecia turning blackish and larger ascospores 7-septate.

Vezdaea aestivalis Fumay 3
Jacques HAINE

Vezdaea aestivalis Fumay 2
Jacques HAINE

Vezdaea aestivalis Fumay 1
Jacques HAINE

Vezdaea aestivalis Fumay 4
Jacques HAINE

Vezdaea aestivalis Fumay 5
Jacques HAINE

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