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Mycobilimbia pilularis  (Körber) Hafellner & Türk


Biatora sphaeroides (Dicks.) Körber


Habitat: Ubiquitous


    Thallus minutely granular, thin, more or less scattered over the substratum, granules to 25-70 µm diam., green, grey-green. Apothecia sessile, convex at first with a margin paler and rapidly excluded, apothecia soon becoming globular, 0.5-1 mm diam., pale brown-pink, fawn. Ascospores ellipsoid, usually 1-septate (seldom 3), 11-14 x 4-4.5 µm. Chemical spot tests negative. On the base of mossy tree trunks in old humid woodlands, seldom on moist rocks.*

Mycobilimbia pilularis Signy l'Abbaye 1
Jacques HAINE

Mycobilimbia pilularis Signy l'Abbaye 2
Jacques HAINE

Mycobilimbia pilularis Signy l'Abbaye 3
Jacques HAINE

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