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Cladonia rei  Schaer.



Habitat: Ubiquitous


    Primary thallus limited in size made of a few incised squamules. Secondary thallus corresponding to podetia, 1-4 cm tall, erected, slender, sometimes twisted, farinose to granulose throughout, with soredia and sometimes small squamules from the base to the middle, pale dull green-brownish, sometimes ended by small spines around an atrophied cup (not a true scyphus). Photobiont : trebouxioide. C-, K-, KC-, Pd- or Pd+ yellow-orange, UV+/- white. One of the few species growing on soils of rocky heathlands. Very close to Cladonia ochrochlora that more often bears scyphi with extensions and is rusty. Presently it is considered that this species could be a chemotype of Cladonia subulata of which the podetia are split along the length and UV+ bright white.*

Cladonia rei Monthermé 1
Jacques HAINE

Cladonia rei Monthermé 2
Jacques HAINE

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