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Graphis inustuloides Lücking



Graphina anguina auct. europ. non (Mont.) Müll. Arg.

Graphis britannica  Staiger


Habitat: Oceanic zone


    Thallus crustose, thin and discontinuous and in that case, allowing to see bark colour, more or less smooth, whitish, white-yellowish, pale greyish, more or less delimited. Apothecia lirelliform, immersed in thallus and little prominent, flat, elongate, 2-5 x 0.3-1 mm, sinuous, seldom branched or forked, sometimes whitish edged, opened at their base (visible in section), thin black slit little exposing the disc, disc powdered with grey. Ascospores colourless, muriform, 7-11-septate transversely, 2-3-septate lengthways with rougly 20 cells, 25-50 x 12-16 µm. Photobiont: Trentepohlia. C-, K+ weak yellow to orange, Pd-. Grows on smooth bark of isolated trees or in open space. Sometimes difficult to distinguish from Graphis scripta of which the apothecia are more prominent (ascospores observation is often required (not muriform), and also from Phaeographis inusta  with more opened lirellae. It is more easy to discriminate from Phaeographis dendritica  that is K+ red, Pd+ orange and lirellae like chinese characters.*

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