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Sticta fuliginoides  Magain & Sérus.


Sticta fuliginosa p. p. non (Hoffm.) Ach.


Habitat: Oceanic zone


    Thallus composed of a single lobe, 1-3 cm diam., vase or trumpet-shaped (looking like a young agaric mushroom) typically with revolute margins, developed on a short and robust stipe, 0.5-1 cm tall, firm to subcoriaceous, eventually developing several flabellate lobes, possibly overlapping, with an irregular or mostly suborbicular outline, margin round, more or less uneven, old thalli can have a crenate to lacerate and hardly revolute margin, cilia most usually absent. Upper surface smooth to slightly scrobiculate, especially in old lobes on which scars of broken isidia can mimic macules, dark brown or rarely pale greyish, in wet or dry conditions, entirely covered with simple or globose isidia, sometimes coralloid, concolourous or darker; lower surface smooth or costillate to scrobiculate, with sparse to dense and developed throughout primary tomentum, sometimes strongly pale orange to brownish, darker towards the center on old thalli, cyphellae abundant, round to angular, urceolate with a wide pore, erumpent to prominent, margin elevated and involute, whitish to cream-colored, 0.4-0.6 mm diam., (optical microscope required) cyphellae membrane covered with minute papillae tending to disapear in old thalli but less than in Sticta ciliata. Apothecia and pycnidia absent. Photobiont: Nostoc. Chemical spot tests negative but crushed fragments with KOH produce a fish smell. Rare, distribution still under investigation due to its recent characterisation, on rocks or at the base of mossy trunks in woodlands and oecanic forests. N.B. Seems to be an intermediate species between Sticta ciliata which has ciliate lobes margin and Sticta fuliginosa ss. str. darker, composed of several lobes and devoid of revolute lobes margin.*

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MAGAIN N., SERUSIAUX E. Mycol. Progress (2015) 14:97. Dismantling the treasured flagship lichen Sticta fuliginosa (Peltigerales) into four species in Western Europe. Téléchargeable à :

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