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Oceanic zone

    This zone, potentially extending quite far inland, is characterizd by the mild climate resulting from the proximity of sea that limits the temperature range and frost. It is also charaterized by a constant humidity due to frequent rainfalls and fog (more than 180 days per year). 

Species living in this habitat:
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Bacidia bagliettoana  (A. Massal. & De Not.) Jatta
Bacidia biatorina  (Körb.) Vaïn.
Bacidia laurocerasi  (Delise ex Duby) Zahlbr.
Bacidia viridifarinosa  Coppins & P. James
Bacidina phacodes (Körb.) Vezda Cf.
Bactrospora homalotropa (Nyl.) Egea & Torrente
Biatora efflorescens (Hedl.) Räsänen
Buellia aethalea forme sur substrats artificiels.
Buellia saxorum forme pycnidiée
Bunodophoron melanocarpum (Sw.) Wedin
Byssoloma leucoblepharum (Nyl.) Vain.
Byssoloma subdiscordans  (Nyl.) P. James forme foliicole.
Byssoloma subdiscordans forme saxicole.  
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