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Oceanic zone

    This zone, potentially extending quite far inland, is characterizd by the mild climate resulting from the proximity of sea that limits the temperature range and frost. It is also charaterized by a constant humidity due to frequent rainfalls and fog (more than 180 days per year). 

Species living in this habitat:
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Calicium glaucellum Ach.
Caloplaca cerina forme ramicole.
Candelaria concolor forme sur substrats artificiels.
Candelariella aurella Cf. forme corticole.
Catinaria atropurpurea (Schaer.) Vezda & Poelt
Cetraria aculeata forma
Cetrelia cetrarioides (Delise ex Duby) W. L. Culb. & C. F. Culb.
Chaenotheca trichialis (Ach.) Th. Fr.
Chrysothrix flavovirens Tonsberg
Cladonia caespiticia (Pers.) Flörke
Cladonia callosa Delise ex. Harm.
Cladonia ciliata forma flavicans (Flörke) Ahti & DePriest
Cladonia coccifera grp. forma C+ jaune.
Cladonia cyathomorpha  Stirt. ex W. Watson
Cladonia cyathomorpha forma
Cladonia incrassata Flörke
Cladonia parasitica forme corticole.
Cladonia parasitica forme détriticole au sol.
Cladonia portentosa forme lignicole
Cladonia pulvinata (Sandst.) van Herk & Aproot
Cladonia ramulosa morpho scyphifera
Cladonia rangiformis chemo I.
Cladonia rangiformis chemo II.
Cladonia squamosa var subsquamosa morph à intérieur brun.
Cladonia squamosa var. subsquamosa forme lignicole.
Cladonia subcervicornis forme juvénile.
Cladophialophora normandinae (Diederich & Etayo) Diederich = Sclerococcum normandinae Diederich & Etayo
Coenogonium confusum Malicek & Sanderson Ined.
Coenogonium luteum (Dicks.) Kalb & Lücking.
Coenogonium luteum forme saxicole.
Collema nigrescens (Huds.) DC
Collema subnigrescens Degel.
Cresponea premnea (Ach.) Egea & Torrente var. premnea
Cresponea premnea var. saxicola (Leight.) Egea & Torrente
Crocodia aurata (Ach.) Link       = Pseudocyphellaria aurata (Sm.) Vain.
Cryptolechia carneolutea (Turner) Massal.
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