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Xeric supralittoral  zone

     This zone is subjected to seawater projections only during storms. Corresponds to the grey and white belts.

Species living in this habitat:
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Caloplaca arnoldii (Wedd.) Zahlbr. ex Ginzb. subsp. obliterata
Caloplaca ceracea J. R. Laudon
Caloplaca ceracea forme saxicole calcicole.
Caloplaca crenularia forma
Caloplaca fuscoatroides J. Steiner
Caloplaca limitosa forme Atlantique Cf.
Caloplaca sorediella Arup
Caloplaca verruculifera (Vain.) Zahlbr.
Cliostomum tenerum (Nyl.) Coppins & S. Ekman
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