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Oceanic zone

    This zone, potentially extending quite far inland, is characterizd by the mild climate resulting from the proximity of sea that limits the temperature range and frost. It is also charaterized by a constant humidity due to frequent rainfalls and fog (more than 180 days per year). 

Species living in this habitat:
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Fellhanera bouteillei  (Desm.) Vezda
Fellhanera viridisorediata Aproot, A. M. Brand & Spier
Flavoparmelia caperata forma papillosa Harm.
Flavoparmelia soredians forme corticole
Flavoplaca arcis (Poelt & Vezda) Arup, Fröden & Sochting   = Caloplaca arcis  (Poelt & Vezda) Arup ss. auct. brit.
Francisrosea bicolor Ertz & Sanderson Cf.
Fuscidea cyathoides var. sorediata (H. Magn.) Poelt
Fuscidea lighfootii forme sur substrat artificiel.
Fuscopannaria sampaiana  (Tav.) P. M. Jorg.
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