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Mesic supralittoral zone

This zone est submerged only during high extreme tides and constantly subjected to spray. Corresponds to the yellow belt.

Species living in this habitat:
C   H   L   M   P   T   V   X  
Caloplaca britannica R. Sant. In Laudon
Caloplaca itiana Cf. Cl. Roux, M. Boulanger et Malle.
Caloplaca littorea Tav.
Caloplaca marina (Wedd.) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca marina forme avec cyanobactéries.
Caloplaca microthallina (Wedd.) Zahlbr.
Caloplaca sol A. Orange Cf.
Caloplaca thallincola (Wedd.) Du Rietz
Catillaria subviridis (Nyl.) Zahlbr.  
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