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Cladonia coccifera (L.) Willd



Habitat: Sub-montane


     Primary thallus formed by small incised squamules, upper surface gray-greenish a little bluish, lower surface whitish. Regular podetia, erect, ending in a funnel-shaped cup (scyphus) 1-3 cm high, covered towards the base with small corticate plates mixed with squamules towards the base and only small plates towards the top and in the cup, green a little bluish. Apothecia sometimes numerous at the margin of the cups, globular, bright red. Spores colorless, oblong, 6-12 x 2.5-3.5 µm. Reddish punctate pycnidia at the margin of the cups. Photobiont: Chlorococcales. C-, K-, KC +/- yellow, P-. Collinean or somewhat mountainous species growing on stony or sandy soils but rich in organic matter, sometimes at the base of trees. Representative of a group in which we have gathered: Cladonia pleurota which is only sorediate; Cladonia diversa very similar but to podetia with a base covered with numerous scales and fragile granules and a top covered with small scaly plates which is more coastal or oceanic; Cladonia borealis which is alpine and boreal.

Cladonia coccifera Ardennes 1
Jacques HAINE

Cladonia coccifera Ardennes 2
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Cladonia coccifera Ardennes 3
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Cladonia coccifera Ardennes 4
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Cladonia coccifera Ardennes 5
Jacques HAINE

Cladonia coccifera Roc'h Trédudon

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