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Menegazzia terebrata (Hoffm.) A. Massal.



Habitat: Aerohaline zone


    Thallus foliose, spreading, rosette-forming, to 10 cm diam., often altered or necrosed towards the center, lobes to 1-1.5 mm wide, apices rounded or palmate, branched, swollen, down-turned, brownish (as fingers of addict smokers!), upper surface smooth and glossy with round holes (as done with a puncher), to 1 mm diam., bronze-green, greenish-gray, celadon, center sometimes yellow-brownish with whitish globose more or less stalked soralia (like at the tip of a finger), notably towards lobe apices, lower surface blackish, rhizines absent. Apothecia very rare, disc pale brown-reddish. Ascospores simple, ellipsoid, 50-70 x 30-36 µm. Photobiont: Chlorococcoid. Cortex : K+ yellow, Medulla : C-, K+ yellow, KC-, Pd+ yellow-orange, UV-. Rare and localized species coming on the bark of the trees of the oceanic forests more rarely on the coastal rocks of the aerohaline heathlands of the very exposed Caps, would then be the witness of the primitive forest. N.B. Resembles Hypogymnia physodes but is clearly distinguished by the rounded perforations on its upper surface and its particular coloring. See Menegazzia subsimilis, a very similar species and formerly confused but which differs from it by its perforated labriform soralia with torn edges, its less green-bronze colors and which comes on the mossy coastal rocks.

Menegazzia terebrata Pyrénées-Atlantiques Larrau 3

Menegazzia terebrata avec Pertusaria albescens var. albescens Pyrénées-Atlantiques Larrau 1

Menegazzia terebrata Pyrénées-Atlantiques Larrau 2

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