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Cladonia rangiferina (L.) Weber ex F. H. Wigg.



Habitat: Montane


    Primary thallus soon disappearing. Podetia forming dense tufts, 4-8 cm tall, 5-10 cm diam., highly branched with branchlets forming acute angles, the last branchings are tetrachotomous, very short and recurved, oriented in the same direction, surface typically felted or velvet-like (with magnifying glass), never squamulose (no cortex), pale grey, often tinged purple, more seldom tinged blue. Apothecia rare, very small, at podetia tips, brown. Photobiont : trebouxioide. C-, K+ dull pale yellow, KC-, Pd+ red. Rare in our prospection areas, on soils in humid heathlands. Mountainous species. N.B. In our prospection area, it may be confused with  Cladonia portentosa, Cladonia arbuscula and Cladonia ciliata unless the podetia surface is carefully observed using a magnifying glass.*

Cladonia rangiferina Ardennes 1
Jacques HAINE

Cladonia rangiferina Ardennes 2
Jacques HAINE

Cladonia rangiferina Ardennes 3
Jacques HAINE

Cladonia rangiferina Val d'Aoste
Jacques HAINE

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