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Buellia griseovirens (Turner & Borrer ex. Sm.) Almb.



Habitat: Ubiquitous


   Thallus crustose, thin, ± rimose-cracked, dull white to pale grey, often surrounded by a grey-black prothallus covered by rounded soralia, crater-shaped or flat with rims slightly prominent, possibly becoming confluent and covering a large thallus fraction, pale green-yellow to pale ash-grey; pale yellow when abraded. Apothecia very rare, 0.5-1 mm diam., disc flat to convex, black.  Ascospores, submuriform, grey to brown, 15-30 x 7-13 µm. Photobiont : Chlorococcales. Soralia and thallus : C+/- yellow, K+ yellow later dark red, KC-, Pd+ yellow. Common on ± smooth bark of deciduous trees and shrubs. Often confused with Violella fucata, K+ yellow-brown and Pd+ red-rusty.*

Buellia griseovirens Ardennes 1
Jacques HAINE

Buellia griseovirens Ardennes 2
Jacques HAINE

Buellia griseovirens Ardennes 3
Jacques HAINE

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