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Usnea fragilescens  Hav. ex Lynge



Habitat: Oceanic zone


    Thallus tufted, (sub)pendulous, beard-like, 3-10cm tall, made of highly ramified and flexible branches, main branches originating from the same point, markedly blackened at base, secondary branches crowded towards the base, thin, elongate, densely covered with minute warted papillae, concave soralia and also isidiomorphs, notably on terminal twigs, overall colour pale, pale grey-greenish, grey-yellowish. Infertile in our region. Photobiont: trebouxioid. Medulla : C-, K+yellow-orange, KC-, Pd+ orange-red. Semi-pendulous species with a blackened base, showing oceanic trends, and growing on bark of Quercus in humid woodlands.*

Usnea fragilescens Langres 1
Jacques HAINE

Usnea fragilescens Langres 2
Jacques HAINE

Usnea fragilescens Langres 3
Jacques HAINE

Usnea fragilescens Langres 4
Jacques HAINE

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