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Porina aenea (Walbr.) Zahlbr.



Habitat: Ubiquitous


    Thallus crustose, thin, more or less smooth to slightly cracked, brown-greenish, greenish, brown-reddish, prothallus absent. Perithecia usually numerous, more or less immersed in the thallus, 0.1-0.3 mm diam., glossy, blackish, ostiole hardly visible. Asci 8-spored. Ascospores colourless, fusiform, one apice more pointed than the other, 3-septate, 14-20 x 4-5 µm. Photobiont: Trentepohlia. Chemical spot tests negative. Not rare, on smooth bark of trees in humid aeas ((Acer, Fraxinus). See Pyrenula nitida that displays brown ascospores, constricted at septum level, and above all Strigula taylorii that is very similar to the naked eyes but with pycnidia and ascospores easily subdivided when mature.*

Porina aenea Ardennes 1
Jacques HAINE

Porina aenea Ardennes 2
Jacques HAINE

Porina aenea Ardennes 3
Jacques HAINE

Porina aenea Ardennes 4
Jacques HAINE

Porina aenea Ardennes 5
Jacques HAINE

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