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Micarea botryoides  (Nyl.) Coppins


Lecidea botryoides (Nyl.) Zahlbr.


Habitat: Oceanic zone


    Thallus granulose to membranous, very thin, sometimes inconspicuous or evanescent notably on mosses, brown-greenish, brownish, brown-blackish. Apothecia rare, plane becoming convex to globose and sometimes tuberculate, 0.1-0.5 mm diam., black. Pycnidia very abundant, stalked, 0.2-0.5 mm tall, simple or sometimes branched, thorny-like, black with sometimes white apices. Ascospores colourless, ovoid, 0-1 (3)-septate, 8-13 x 2,5-4 µm. Photobiont: green algae. Chemical spot tests negative. In shaded areas on bryophytes covering rocks or at the base of tree trunks in sheltered woodlands. Inconspicuous and usually unnoticed unless specifically searched.*

Micarea botryoides Nismes 1
Jacques HAINE

Micarea botryoides Nismes 2
Jacques HAINE

Micarea botryoides Nismes 3
Jacques HAINE

Micarea botryoides Nismes 4
Jacques HAINE

Micarea botryoides Asques Nismes 5
Jacques HAINE

Micarea botryoides Spore Nismes 6
Jacques HAINE

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