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Charaterize lichens not especially maritime able to grow everywhere in Brittany. They are described here because,  if they grow near the sea,  they may induce confusions with some maritime or oceanic species.

Species living in this habitat:
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Bacidia arceutina (Ach.) Arnold
Bacidia fuscoviridis (Anzi) Lettau
Bacidia fuscoviridis forme stérile.
Bacidia rubella (Hoffm.) Massal.
Bacidina inundata (Fr.) Vezda
Baeomyces rufus (Huds.) Rebent.
Baeomyces rufus forme saxicole.
Bagliettoa calciseda (DC) Gueidan & Cl. Roux
Belonia nidarosiensis (Kindt) P. M. Jorg et Vezda
Blastenia ferruginea (Huds.) A. Massal. = Caloplaca ferruginea (Huds.) Th. Fr.
Blennothallia crispa (Huds.) Otalora, P.M. Jorg. & Wedin
Buellia aethalea (Ach.) Th. Fr.
Buellia aethalea forme sur fer.
Buellia disciformis  (Fr.) Mudd
Buellia griseovirens (Turner & Borrer ex. Sm.) Almb.
Buellia ocellata (Flot.) Körb.
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