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Aerohaline zone

Characterize the zone subjected to seaspray. This zone is more or less extensive (from x.100 m to 3 km) depending on topography and the dominant wind exposure. This zone habours halophilic and halotolerant species.

Species living in this habitat:
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Acrocordia macrospora A. Massal
Amandinea coniops (Wahlenb. in Ach.) Choisy ex Scheid. & H. Mayrhofer
Amandinea pelidna (Ach.) Fryday & L. Arcadia écoforme pelidna
Anaptychia runcinata  forme corticole ou au sol.
Anaptychia runcinata  forme de l'ombre.
Anaptychia runcinata  forme saxicole brune
Anaptychia runcinata  forme saxicole verte.
Anaptychia runcinata (With.) J. R. Laundon
Arthonia calcarea forma  
Arthonia calcarea forme sur ciment peint.
Arthonia varians (Davies) Nyl.
Arthopyrenia platypyrenia (Nyl.) Arnold
Aspicilia calcarea forma
Aspicilia cupreogrisea (Th. Fr.) Hue 
Aspicilia intermutans (Nyl.) Arnold
Athallia holocarpa forme lignicole. =Caloplaca holocarpa forme lignicole.
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