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Xeric supralittoral  zone

     This zone is subjected to seawater projections only during storms. Corresponds to the grey and white belts.

Species living in this habitat:
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Paralecanographa grumulosa Cf. forme parasite de Diploicia subcanescens forme maritime atlantique.
Pertusaria pluripuncta Nyl.
Pertusaria pluripuncta forme fertile.
Pertusaria pseudocorallina (Lilj.) Arnold forme mixte fertile et isidiée.
Pertusaria pseudocorallina forme maritime rose.
Physcia tenella (Scop.) DC. forme maritime.
Protoparmelia montagnei (Fr.) Poelt & Nimiz chemo. aquilina
Protoparmelia montagnei (Fr.) Sancho & Crespo s.l.
Protoparmelia montagnei chemo aquilina forme de régénérescence.
Protoparmelia montagnei forme parasite de Aspicilia cupreogrisea.
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