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Oceanic zone

    This zone, potentially extending quite far inland, is characterizd by the mild climate resulting from the proximity of sea that limits the temperature range and frost. It is also charaterized by a constant humidity due to frequent rainfalls and fog (more than 180 days per year). 

Species living in this habitat:
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Usnea articulata (L.) Hoffm.
Usnea ceratina Ach.
Usnea ceratina forme fertile.
Usnea cornuta Körb.
Usnea esperantiana  P. Clerc
Usnea flammea Stirt. forme saxicole.
Usnea florida (L.) Weber ex Wigg.
Usnea fragilescens  Hav. ex Lynge
Usnea rubicunda Stirt
Usnea rubicunda forme fertile.
Usnea subfloridana forme fertile.
Usnea subfloridana forme saxicole.
Usnea subgracilis Vain. = Usnea schadenbergiana  sensu P. Clerc (non Göpp. & Stein)
Usnea subscabrosa Nyl. ex Motyka
Usnea subscabrosa forme saxicole exubérante.
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