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Charaterize lichens not especially maritime able to grow everywhere in Brittany. They are described here because,  if they grow near the sea,  they may induce confusions with some maritime or oceanic species.

Species living in this habitat:
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Ochrolechia androgyna  forme corticole
Ochrolechia microstictoides Räsänen Cf.
Ochrolechia pallescens (L.) A. Massal. 
Ochrolechia pallescens (L.) A. Massal. forme lignicole
Ochrolechia parella (L.) Massal.  
Ochrolechia subviridis  (Hoeg) Erichsen
Ochrolechia tartarea (L.) Massal. forme corticole.
Ochrolechia tartarea (L.) Massal. forme saxicole
Opegrapha gyrocarpa Flot.
Opegrapha hochstetteri Coppins
Opegrapha niveoatra (Borrer) J. R. Laundon
Opegrapha saxigena Taylor
Opegrapha vermicellifera (Kunze) J. R. Laundon
Opegrapha vulgata (Ach.) Ach.
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