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Charaterize lichens not especially maritime able to grow everywhere in Brittany. They are described here because,  if they grow near the sea,  they may induce confusions with some maritime or oceanic species.

Species living in this habitat:
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Varicellaria hemisphaerica (Flörke) Schmitt & Lumbsch   =Pertusaria hemisphaerica (Flörke) Erichsen
Varicellaria lactea (L.) Schmitt & Lumbsh   =Pertusaria lactea (L.) Arnold
Verrucaria aquatilis Mudd
Verrucaria cernaensis Zsch. Cf.
Verrucaria hochstetteri  Fr.
Verrucaria hydrela  Ach.
Verrucaria macrostoma  Dufour ex DC.
Verrucaria macrostoma f. furfuracea de Lesd.
Verrucaria muralis Ach.
Verrucaria nigrescens  Pers. var. nigrescens f. nigrescens
Verrucaria nigrescens Pers. ss. str. (sequenced)
Verrucaria nigrescens Pers. var. nigrescens f. tectorum
Verrucaria ochrostoma  (Borrer ex Leight.) Trevis.
Verrucaria polysticta Borrer ss. auct. brit.
Verrucaria praetermissa  (Trev.) Anzi
Verrucaria squamulosa  Brand & van den Boom
Verrucaria viridula  (Schrad.) Ach.
Vezdaea aestivalis (Ohl.) Tsh.-Woess & Poelt
Vezdaea leprosa (P. James) Vezda
Violella fucata  (Stirt.) T. Sprib.
Vouauxiella lichenicola (Linds.) Petr. & Syd.
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