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Xeric supralittoral  zone

     This zone is subjected to seawater projections only during storms. Corresponds to the grey and white belts.

Species living in this habitat:
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Ramalina cuspidata (Ach.) Nyl. agg.
Ramalina cuspidata Chem. a
Ramalina cuspidata Chem. atlantica
Ramalina cuspidata Chem. b
Ramalina cuspidata Chem. cuspidata forma armorica
Ramalina cuspidata Chem. cuspidata forma cuspidata
Ramalina cuspidata Chem. stenoclada
Ramalina polymorpha (Lilj.) Ach. var. polymorpha
Ramalina siliquosa Chem. crassa forme des rochers côtiers.
Ramalina siliquosa Chem. crassa forme à rameaux palmés.
Ramalina siliquosa Chem. siliquosa = Chem. scopularum = Chem a  
Ramalina siliquosa Chem. zopfii = Ramalina siliquosa var. zopfii  (W.L. Culb., C.F Culb. & Anita Johnson) Clauzade & Cl. Roux
Ramalina siliquosa chem d  = chem 0 sans acides lichéniques.
Ramalina sp.  Chem : K+ rouge, P+ jaune.
Rhizocarpon richardii (Lamy ex Nyl.) Zahlbr.
Rinodina aspersa s.l. forme intermédiaire littorale.
Rinodina luridescens (Anzi) Arnold
Roccella fuciformis (L.) DC
Roccella fuciformis écoforme cortex C+ rouge
Roccella phycopsis Ach.
Roccella phycopsis DC forma
Roccella tinctoria DC Taxon Atlantique-Manche
Roccella tinctoria DC Taxon Atlantique-Ouessant Cf.
Roccellographa circumscripta (Taylor) Ertz & Tehler
Roccellographa circumscripta Cf. forme héliophile.
Roccellographa circumscripta forme sciaphile.
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