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Charaterize lichens not especially maritime able to grow everywhere in Brittany. They are described here because,  if they grow near the sea,  they may induce confusions with some maritime or oceanic species.

Species living in this habitat:
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Melanelixia fuliginosa (Fr. ex Duby) O. Blanco & al.
Melanelixia glabratula (Lamy) Sandler & Arup
Melanelixia subaurifera (Nyl.) O. Blanco & al.
Melanohalea elegantula (Zahlbr.) O.Blanco, A. Crespo, Divakar, Essl., D. Hawsksw. & Lumbsch
Melanohalea exasperatula (Nyl.) O. Blanco & al.
Melanohalea laciniatula (Flagey ex H. Olivier) O. Blanco & al.
Micarea denigrata (Fr.) Hedl.
Micarea lignaria  (Ach.) Hedl. var. lignaria
Micarea lutulata (Nyl.) Coppins
Micarea micrococca (Körb.) Gams ex Coppins
Micarea prasina  s.l. Fr.
Moelleropsis nebulosa (Hoffm.) Gyeln.
Multiclavula mucida (Pers.) R. H. Petersen
Mycobilimbia pilularis  (Körber) Hafellner & Türk
Mycobilimbia tetramera (De Not.) Hafellner et Türk  
Myriolecis albescens (Hoffm.) Sliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch forme sur roche calcaire.
Myriolecis antiqua (J. R. Laundon) Sliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch  
Myriolecis crenulata (Hook.) Sliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch
Myriolecis dispersa (Pers.) Sliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch
Myriolecis invadens (H. Magn.) Sliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch  
Myriolecis semipallida (H. Magn.) Sliwa, Zhao Xin & Lumbsch
Myriospora smaragdula (Wahlen. ex Ach.) Nägeli ex Uloth.
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